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another inmate Başka bir mahkum
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· Plan to demolish and rebuild historic Chinatown building divides community  
In February, two groups sued the city to halt the construction of a jail where some Rikers inmates would eventually be transferred.
· 9 movies and shows that explain how America’s justice system got this way  
She sees the most important part of her work as caring for the inmates and quietly supporting them as they approach their execution dates.
The Economist
· Grant them rest: In times of shared grief, requiems have offered solace  
During the second world war inmates at Theresienstadt, a concentration camp, gathered to rehearse and perform Verdi’s.
Malay Mail
· In Sg Buloh prison, 700 staff and 800 prisoners to be tested for Covid-19 after one tested positive  
KUALA LUMPUR, June 1 — The Ministry of Health (MOH) said today it will conduct Covid-19 screening and test on 700 staff and 800 inmates at the Sungai Buloh Prison after a prisoner was confirmed positive for the virus.
· Iran says scientist jailed in US to return in days  
It has also said it has released more than 100,000 inmates, including 1,000 foreigners, to ease the pressure on Iran's prison system during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The New York Times
· A Filmmaker Put Away for Tax Fraud Takes Us Inside a British Prison  
The first thing Atkins notices, upon arriving at Wandsworth, is that the inmates, unlike those in movies, are not tanned and ripped.
The Guardian
· Monday briefing: 1m children will stay at home as lockdown eases  
David Adams was recently released from jail and describes how inmates were confined to their tiny cells for more than 23 hours a day.
The Guardian
· The coronavirus crisis in Britain's prisons  
She describes how devastating to inmates and staff the Covid-19 crisis has become in prisons.
The New York Times
· Benjamin Smalls, Jailhouse Lawyer and Prison Reformer, Dies at 72  
To fellow inmates, he was known as the Elder Statesman, and his cell was cluttered with legal papers.
Al Jazeera
· Afghanistan's Abdullah says ready for Taliban talks 'at any time'  
Before Sunday's announcement, Kabul had already released about 1,000 Taliban inmates while the Taliban had freed roughly 300 members of the Afghan security forces, according to reports.