“Inquiry” in the news

Example collocations

commission of inquiry
court of inquiry
independent inquiry
public inquiry
scientific inquiry

Publications and example sentences

The Verge
· Instacart tweaks tipping system after tip-baiting outcry  
Instacart is adjusting how it handles customer tips following the announcement last week of a congressional inquiry into the practice of tip-baiting, in which Instacart allows customers to promise big tips for shoppers only for those customers to later rescind the tip after the order is dropped off.
The Independent
· Dog partially decapitated and left on owner’s patio  
Animal charity and West Midlands Police working on joint inquiry
The Guardian
· Why Madeleine McCann was never just another 'lost child' story  
The McCanns later became key witnesses to the Leveson inquiry on press misconduct.
The Independent
· A damaging blame game will not help us learn the lessons we need to from the coronavirus pandemic  
It will be for a future public inquiry to examine in detail why this happened and who, if anyone, is to blame.
The Independent
· Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner investigated over 2015 disappearance of German girl  
The Metropolitan Police admitted that Brueckner had been among 600 people previously considered potentially significant in the McCann inquiry.
The Independent
· The pro-migrant support you’re seeing from the public is under threat – and this what could turn things sour  
“It’s a question of making sure that those stories are told and that if there are inquests or inquiries, they’re forced to look at the whole immigration system,” he says.
The Guardian
· 'Reeks of hypocrisy': what UK's minority ethnic MPs say about Covid-19 death toll  
We haven’t got time for inquiries; we need action and effective action.
The Guardian
· UK experts call for coronavirus inquiry to prevent deadly second wave  
Leading medics and scientists have called on Boris Johnson to order a public inquiry to prepare Britain for a second wave of the coronavirus this winter, warning that many more will die unless the country improves its response.
The Guardian
· UK needs urgent Covid-19 inquiry before we are hit by a second wave  
We call on all political parties to commit to a rapid, transparent, expert inquiry to address these issues.
The Age
· Criminal justice system 'inherently racist' towards Aboriginal people  
Since the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody, he says “inquiry after inquiry” has found the same thing: it doesn’t respond to Indigenous needs.