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Colocaciones de ejemplo

instead of having En vez de tener
instead of just En lugar de solo
instead of using En lugar de usar
instead used En cambio usado
used instead Utilizado en su lugar

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo

The Age
· Books That Changed Me: Tim Duggan  
I prefer to live with the fuzzy edges of how it made me feel then, instead of sharpening the sentences and themes, with their no-doubt problematic flaws, into focus.
The Guardian
· Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell review – a musical journey  
He proposes instead that nothing could be more natural, or in fact more commendable, than acting on the old and common longing to be heard above the crowd, even – perhaps particularly – at the cost of security and sanity.
· Dark season 3 explained: Who are Sonja and Marek Tannhaus? Family tree link revealed  
What if they were actually referring to Charlotte Tannhaus instead?
· Tax rises warning: Brits told to brace for crippling rises to pay for coronavirus bailout  
VAT cuts from 20 percent to five percent for hospitality and tourism may benefit firms that are “operating closest to normal” because they will be able to pocket the cash instead of needing to incentivise customers by passing the reduction on them, it added.
BBC Sport
· UFC 251: 'Beautiful, surreal, insane' - what's Fight Island really like?  
Instead they're flying to a five-star leisure resort which has already staged three UFC events in 2010, 2014 and UFC 242 last September.
The Independent
· Uncertainty clouds Tottenham and Arsenal’s futures ahead of strange north London derby  
A great fixture will instead just be a subdued occasion.
The Japan Times
· U.S. posts new record daily virus caseload of more than 65,000  
If we did 20,000,000 instead, Cases would be half, etc.”
· Breathe Into the Shadows release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is Breathe season 2 out?  
The couple soon realises their daughter’s kidnapper wants no ransom but instead wants Avinash to murder other people on his behalf.
· UN cross-border aid to Syria hangs on Russian decision  
In January, Moscow, Syria's closest ally, succeeded in having the crossing points reduced from four to two and in limiting the authorization to six months instead of a year, as had been done previously.
The Age
· Two worlds collided: I married a modernist  
To make this marriage work it’s Bitossi instead of Ginori, Missoni instead of Manuel Canovas and loads and loads of maxi dresses with pitiless geometric features.