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· The Guardian · Matt Hancock scored an own goal with his cheap shot at footballers
What an insult to those brave NHS workers who made the ultimate sacrifice.   Copy example sentence
· Malay Mail · Think tank: Xenophobia, racism rampant on social media amid global Covid-19 lockdowns, Malaysia included
The report noted a growing trend of these racially-charged insults after its authors had sifted through thousands of comments posted on Twitter that were used as a parameter to gauge the level of xenophobic hate comments being made.   Copy example sentence
· The New York Times · Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Says He Won’t Wear a Mask, Despite C.D.C.’s Recommendation
And it came at a particularly contentious briefing where the president insulted reporters, jousted with his own administration and returned to pugilistic form.   Copy example sentence
· The New York Times · Operate On With a Beam
I wanted a poisonous insult, rather than a BLOW DART.   Copy example sentence
· CNA · Football: Ex-footballer Drogba joins row after French scientists suggest testing virus vaccine in Africa
Mira closed down public access to his Twitter account after receiving what he said were threats and insults.   Copy example sentence