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internal affairs Içişleri
internal and external Dahili ve harici
internal combustion Içten yanma
internal medicine Dahiliye
internal security Iç güvenlik

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Washington Post
· The Cybersecurity 202: White House backpedals after Trump’s suggested election delay crossed GOP red line  
Clark and his accomplices were able to gain access to Twitter's internal tools by tricking employees into sharing their credentials over the phone.
The Independent
· Greece travel: Am I allowed to visit, are hotels and restaurants open and what rules are in place?  
Those travelling on internal domestic flights will also be required to wear a mask.
The Guardian
· John Hume obituary  
As a committed nationalist, he relentlessly pursued a long-term strategy: internal reform in Northern Ireland was not enough, and a lasting settlement could endure only within an agreed all-Ireland context.
The New York Times
· Will Congress Act on Covid Soon? ‘I’m Not Optimistic’  
“I will advocate for policies and strategies that will keep our nation safe and strong against internal and external threats,” Vindman wrote.
The Independent
· Woman seriously injured by whale while swimming in Australia  
She suffered fractured ribs and internal bleeding, according to online news site news.com.au.
· EU backing down: UK closer to FTA as Barnier ‘drops TWO major objections’  
On the other hand, it could simply be a realisation by the EU that the UK will not accept the continued jurisdiction of the ECJ over its internal affairs.
The China Post
· Outbreak hits Norway cruise ship, could spread along coast  
“A preliminary evaluation shows that there has been a failure in several of our internal procedures,” Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam said in a statement.
Scientific American
· Neural Switch Flips on Aggression in Male Mice  
The hypothalamus, though, is just one stop in a circuit that channels the internal signals that switch on these social behaviors.
Malay Mail
· China suspends HK extradition treaty with New Zealand  
“New Zealand’s practices... grossly interfere in China’s internal affairs,” foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, announcing Beijing’s decision to suspend any judicial cooperation with Wellington.
The Pattaya News
· Vietjet airlines report second quarter business results  
It allows Vietjet to proceed with its long-term financing plan in order to enhance its internal resources for fighting the current pandemic.