Haberlerde Introduce

Örnek kollokasyonlar

first to introduce Ilk tanıtan
helped introduce Tanıtmaya yardımcı oldu
introduce a new Yeni bir tane tanıt
introduce new Yeni tanıt
plans to introduce Tanıtmayı planlıyor

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

Seeking Alpha
· Facebook's Future Is Brighter Than Ever  
Now, if you haven't heard of Libra, here's a quick video to introduce you to the digital currency plan Facebook recently (in the last year or so) introduced:  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Public sector wage battle looms for the Berejiklian government  
Mr Shoebridge said the Greens would introduce the bill to this effect when Parliament returns on June 2.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· COAG preschool review highlights 'adverse' effects of funding uncertainty  
It concluded a stronger national agreement, potentially underpinned by legislation, should then be introduced from 2026 and include more accountability for funding contributions by different governments.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Moving account reminds us of our good fortune  
When deprived of their leisure activities and the joys of introducing their grandchildren to an artistic experience, they will remember who let the arts community wither in our country come the next election.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Czech Republic lifts face mask rule as coronavirus restrictions ease  
The rule was imposed by prime minister Andrej Babiš’ government after Prague city council initially introduced it for travelling on the capital’s public transport network.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· A tedious day trip to a market town that sparks a national crisis? We’ve all done it  
As reviews for Barnard Castle go, “I drove 260 miles, broke a pandemic-enforced nationwide lockdown that I personally helped introduce, risked the health of my extended family, rocked the stability of my own career, and torpedoed the reputation of both myself and the actual prime minister of the United Kingdom just to go there and see the Silver Swan automaton” takes some beating.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· How we met: 'He's so brave. I once saw him climb into a tree to save a black mamba'  
“I got to introduce him to my orangutans and gorillas,” she says.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Genting Malaysia Bhd to undertake MSS, VSS for employees in Covid-19 restructuring exercise  
Subsequently, GENM management team then announced it will be taking a 20 per cent pay cut in accordance with austerity measures introduced amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  Copy example sentence
· China threatens US counter measures if punished for Hong Kong law  
But many Hong Kongers, business groups and western nations fear the proposal could be a death blow to the city's treasured freedoms and thousands took to the streets on Sunday despite a ban on mass gatherings introduced to combat coronavirus.  Copy example sentence
The Verge
· How SpaceX and NASA are launching astronauts into space during a pandemic  
On the ground, the agency is introducing temperature checks and physical distancing at Mission Control.  Copy example sentence