“Investigator” in the news

Example collocations

lead investigator
principal investigator
private investigator

Publications and example sentences

The Wall Street Journal
· NTSB Calls for Cockpit-Video Recorders in Helicopters, Faulting FAA  
Federal air-accident investigators for the first time directly called on American and European helicopter makers to move toward putting cockpit-video recorders on most models, bypassing U.S. aviation regulators and escalating a debate about privacy in the air.  Copy example sentence
· Clashes at mass Paris protest over black man's death in custody  
One of the three arresting officers has told investigators that they pinned Traore down with their combined bodyweight.  Copy example sentence
Al Jazeera
· Paris police brutality protest turns violent  
One of the three arresting officers told investigators that Traore had been pinned down with their combined bodyweight after his arrest.  Copy example sentence
Al Jazeera
· Six officers charged after cops tase Georgia students in video  
Young told Howard's investigators that an officer who escorted him from the scene after his arrest punched him in the back more than 10 times as they walked.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Atlanta protests: Six police officers charged with using excessive force in arrest of college students  
“In fact my investigators concluded that they were so innocent almost to the point of being naive,” Mr Howard said.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· Man gets 10-month sentence for threatening Muslim politician  
Investigators linked Vandevere to a threatening comment posted in February 2018 on the website of a synagogue in Plantation, Florida, according to an FBI agent’s affidavit.  Copy example sentence
· Man who drove truck toward Minneapolis protesters released without charges  
What's next: Investigators are gathering more information to decide whether to charge the driver.  Copy example sentence
· From St. John's Episcopal Church to pandemic response, Trump is co-opting religion to keep the religious right on his side  
Two of the officers, Investigator Ivory Streeter and Investigator Mark Gardner, were fired earlier this week.  Copy example sentence