Haberlerde Jail

Örnek kollokasyonlar

jail sentence Hapis cezası
jail time Hapishane zamanı
months in jail Aylarca hapiste
released from jail Hapisten serbest bırakıldı
years in jail Yıllarca hapiste

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

Hong Kong Free Press
· Visitors to Hong Kong’s much-loved ‘Instagram Pier’ risk HK$10k fine and jail time, Marine Dept. warns  
Hong Kong’s Marine Department (MD) has warned civilian visitors to Kennedy Town’s much-loved “Instagram Pier” that they risk a fine of HK$10,000 and six months jail for entering the cargo area.
· Trump’s executive order on social media is legally unenforceable, experts say  
That means you can’t go to jail for, say, blogging unfounded conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, but you can get kicked off a social network — just like you could get fired from your job for lying or for saying something racist to a colleague.
The New York Times
· Albert Krieger, a Bulldog of the Criminal Defense Bar, Dies at 96  
Gravano, what you were looking for, were you not, was not to spend all of your remaining days on this earth in jail, correct?” Mr. Krieger asked in court.
· People are accidentally throwing out their stimulus check — because it looks like junk mail  
Arresting someone and putting them in jail is the opposite of social distancing.”
The Guardian
· Morning mail: China's 'killer blow', Palfreeman wins appeal, Adam Liaw ranks iso food  
Australian Jock Palfreeman is a step closer to freedom after Bulgaria’s highest court dismissed an appeal against his release from jail.