“Joint” in the news

Example collocations

joint project
joint statement
joint venture
joint venture between
joint ventures

Publications and example sentences

Malay Mail
· EU’s Von der Leyen to begin ‘trillion-euro’ recovery battle  
Merkel also broke with decades of German policy by endorsing the idea of a European loan of unprecedented size, breaking a national taboo against joint EU debt, perhaps a turning point in modern European history.
The Guardian
· A tedious day trip to a market town that sparks a national crisis? We’ve all done it  
If you’ve somehow missed all this (imagine I am gesturing weakly at Dominic Cummings’s house, where a crowd of agitated neighbours, un-socially distanced TV journalists and – obviously, always – some sort of Led by Donkeys stunt van, are all assembled in waiting), then the headline news right now is: a joint investigation by the Guardian and the Daily Mirror found that Dominic Cummings, that Gollum-but-if-he-dressed-from-the-assorted-bags-in-the-backroom-of-a-charity-shop one from the government, broke lockdown in the hardest way possible by driving from London to Durham when his wife had coronavirus.
Al Jazeera
· Coronavirus: What sporting events are affected by the pandemic?  
Joint WTA/ @atptour Announcement: All ATP and WTA tournaments in the Spring clay court swing will not be held as scheduled.
· The coronavirus is threatening diversity in academia  
The university cut two full-time, non-tenure-track positions in its women’s, gender and sexuality studies program, which many interpreted as a final blow to the department as the professors who held these roles were the only educators to work exclusively in this program (other professors who teach in the program hold joint appointments elsewhere in the school).
The Japan Times
· How Germany contained the coronavirus  
On the contrary, joint efforts among EU member states are already driving progress toward a vaccine.
The Guardian
· Durham police chief calls for investigation into Dominic Cummings  
The disclosures came out of a joint investigation by the Guardian and Daily Mirror that has rocked the government since details were published last Friday.
Financial Express
· Coronavirus Pandemic: Africa mounts a robust response to COVID-19  
In February 2020, the organisation decided to develop out a joint continental strategy to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.
The New York Times
· Donald Trump, Joe Biden and the Vote of the Irish  
It was a cash-only joint that sometimes stayed open until 7 a.m. and sold discounted cigarettes driven up from Virginia, the sort of place where you could make $800 under the table but you also might get a bottle or a chair thrown at you.
The Guardian
· Premier League must finally share its riches to save English football  
But if they know that from 2022 they will receive significant funding from joint Premier League and EFL selling of TV rights, they could borrow against that and plot a survival plan.
The Age
· Despite the risks, we're not too fussed about facial recognition  
However, the bill was rejected in October by a joint parliamentary committee which demanded that the legislation be redrafted.