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journey back
journey through
journey time
long journey
return journey

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Washington Post
· Homes Can Shelter India’s China Dream After Covid  
Left without jobs and shelter, an estimated 30 million — roughly a fifth of the urban labor force — have gone back to their villages, with many completing long, hazardous journeys on foot when trains and buses shut down.
· Foreign office issues worrying update on travelling to Kazakhstan amid deadly new outbreak  
They will also have to provide authorities with their contact details and an itinerary of their journey.
Malay Mail
· Louis Vuitton quits Paris to show in China and Japan  
Message in a Bottle, the first in a series of teaser films, shows a character called “Zoooom” and his friends packing up crates at Vuitton's headquarters on the edge of the French capital and putting them on a barge on the River Seine before waving them off on their journey to the Far East.
Malay Mail
· WHO urges aggressive virus measures as flare-ups spark new closures  
Private transport within cities will be limited to morning and early evening journeys and essential purposes such as travelling to work and purchasing food and medicine.
The New York Times
· I Have Cancer. Now My Facebook Feed Is Full of ‘Alternative Care’ Ads.  
But throughout this journey, I’ll find support from the people closest to me.
The Guardian
· More than the average bear: Peter Handscomb's meditative approach to cricket and life  
Yes, cricket is there but the journey of life is long and there will be a lot more.
· Weight loss: Woman lost two stone in four months of lockdown with this slimming plan  
I continued with my journey even though I couldn’t leave the house.
The New York Times
· Zuckerberg and Facebook Never Fail to Disappoint  
Noting that the report was “the beginning of the journey, not the end” for Facebook, she concluded that “what has become increasingly clear is that we have a long way to go.”
· Doctor Who blunder: Fans uncover bizarre Rose Tyler mistake in David Tennant debut  
Entitled New Earth, the Time Lord took his companion five billion years into the future for their first time-travelling journey as they ended up visiting her home planet after it had been destroyed in the previous season.
The Independent
· More than 500 people evicted from Calais refugee camp after police raid  
Meanwhile the number of migrants reaching British shores in small boats has increased significantly since 2018, with an estimated 1,800 people making the journey last year.