Haberlerde Keep

Örnek kollokasyonlar

able to keep Tutabilme
keep track Takip et
keep up Sürdür
not keep Tutmamak
order to keep Tutmak için sipariş

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Seeking Alpha
· Zebra Technologies: Secular Growth Story With COVID-19 'Protection'  
Over the past decade, the company has grown from about a billion in sales to $4.5 billion, all while keeping normalized operating margins steady around 15% of sales.
Seeking Alpha
· FOMC And Unemployment Claims  
The Federal Reserve is also going to keep funding Congress as it spends - this is not quite stated but is implied.
· Blood donation: How to sign up to donate your blood plasma after urgent appeal  
“A recent study has shown that fewer men are scared of donating blood than women, so I would appeal to them to step up and be part of an already amazing group of people who have kept their resolution to give blood.”
Washington Post
· The Technology 202: Congressional fight over funding for digital learning could leave behind as many as 15 million kids  
As the coronavirus pandemic keeps many schools at least partially online, educators are scrambling to ensure both students and teachers can connect to the Internet.
Liverpool Echo
· Police hunt for man with tattoos after opticians raided  
Keep up to date with crime in your area by adding your postcode below:
Seeking Alpha
· Weak Demand For Refined Fuels Isn't Slowing Phillips 66's Renewable Diesel Push  
These inventories have, in turn, kept refining margins low, and refiners are now running below the rates that would correspond to refined fuels demand.
· Eat Out To Help Out post code checker: Which restaurants are doing scheme near me?  
The scheme - like other measures - is always kept under review, and so could be extended beyond the end of next month, although there are no plans for this at present.
· Tracking the Reopening of New York City  
How will New York’s major industries, from finance to real estate and the arts, meet the needs of their customers and employees, all while trying to keep everyone safe?
The Independent
· We need the NHS now more than ever and I've just had a reminder of how lucky we are to have it  
A short wait and I was at another window, before being dispatched to minor injuries, where the foot was X-rayed, the problem identified (I’d chipped a bone), advice given (keep it elevated, keep it iced, keep your weight off it), a referral to the fracture clinic made.
· Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's emotional tribute to schoolboy - 'Absolutely wonderful!’  
Keep up the good work!”