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The New York Times
· Even on Memorial Day, ‘You Can’t Escape’ Coronavirus  
There was one exception: At a gravesite, members of the same household could kneel and weep and pray together without masks.
The China Post
· Venezuela celebrates docking of tanker with Iran gasoline  
We are “two rebel nations, two revolutionary nations that will never kneel down before U.S. imperialism,” Maduro said.
· Kaepernick's girlfriend blasts NFL for 'retired' tag  
He filed a grievance with the NFL in 2017 alleging the owners conspired to keep him out of the league after he sparked a kneeling campaign to protest treatment of blacks in America.
Hong Kong Free Press
· ‘Good kids don’t become cops’: Get ready for a dark new era of unchecked police power in Hong Kong  
A man also died in police custody, before an eyewitnesses came forward with a video appearing to show officers kneeling on his neck while he lay face-down.