“Lack” in the news

Example collocations

due to lack
lack of evidence
lack of funding
lack of funds
lack of interest

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Donald Trump calls Minneapolis protesters 'thugs' and threatens to shoot looters  
Mr Trump blamed the clashes on what he called the “total lack of leadership” in the city, criticising “ the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey”.
The Guardian
· Is China overtaking the US as a financial and economic power?  
The US does not lack the economic or financial power to sustain its 75-year leadership of the international order.
The Guardian
· For years, the Tories have banked on impunity. Is their luck finally running out?  
And when they’ve been too weak or short of ideas to enact many policies – as they were from the 2017 election to the Brexit stalemate last autumn – they’ve just clung on, ignoring regular Commons humiliations and the declarations of commentators that they lacked the authority to govern.
The Age
· RIP COAG: The national cabinet gets its chance  
There has been a shortage of accountability with the federation for years, not to mention a lack of ambition.
The China Post
· George Floyd protesters set Minneapolis police station afire  
Late Thursday, President Donald Trump blasted the “total lack of leadership” in Minneapolis.
The Guardian
· Fan in the stand: NRL fans can pay for cardboard cutouts of their faces to be put on stadium seats  
Broadcasters have also attempted to address the void created by the lack of fans, and on Thursday they piped recorded crowd noise through to their coverage of the Broncos v Eels game.
The China Post
· Virus taking hold in rural, old plantation region of Alabama  
Initially spared as the disease ravaged cities, the county and other rural areas in the state are now facing a “perfect storm:” a lack of access to medical care combined with poverty and the attendant health problems, including hypertension, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease and diabetes, that can worsen the outcomes for those who become sick with the coronavirus, said Dr. Ellen Eaton.
The Guardian
· 'Do I really care?' Woody Allen comes out fighting  
I remark on his lack of anger.
The Guardian
· Country diary: an unpopular pest that plays a vital role  
Another carpenter joined it on site, only this bulkier companion – around 2cm long – lacked the hi-vis yellow jacket.
· Most court cases will resume with caution after circuit breaker, but remote hearings remain: Chief Justice  
However, there are certain court users who may lack access to remote hearings and have difficulty attending them.