“Large” in the news

Example collocations

large number
large numbers
large part
large scale
very large

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· WA storm LIVE: More than 60,000 spend night without power as path of destruction revealed  
A large peppermint tree was completely uprooted on Bolton Street in Dianelle late on Sunday afternoon.
Seeking Alpha
· Lockheed Martin: Unlike Boeing, Their Dividend Can Outlast A Downturn  
Whilst it temporarily dropped below 100% during 2018, this was simply due to them making large additional discretionary pension contributions to the tune of $3.574b.
Yonhap News
· (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on May 25)  
The Wednesday rallies staged in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul have transformed into a larger peaceful civic women's rights movement.
The New York Times
· Suriname’s Strongman Shrugs Off Murder Sentence in Re-election Bid  
He has said, without offering evidence, that the executions prevented larger bloodshed by decapitating a coup plot.
Seeking Alpha
· U.S. suspends travel from Brazil  
The White House suspends entry of non-U.S. citizens traveling from Brazil, due to the spread of the coronavirus in Latin America's largest largest and hardest-hit country.
· Coronavirus lockdowns stifle Eid celebrations as infections rise  
Mecca's Grand Mosque has been almost devoid of worshippers since March, with a stunning emptiness enveloping the sacred Kaaba - the large cube-shaped structure towards which Muslims around the world pray.
Seeking Alpha
· Central Bank Week In Review For 5/18-5/22  
They contain a large amount of key commentary.
· Over 100 coronavirus cases in Germany tied to single day of church services  
Why it matters: The mini outbreak illustrates how the virus can spread in large groups even with churchgoers observing social distancing and taking extra hygiene precautions.
The Age
· Coronavirus updates LIVE: Pressure mounts on British PM after aide is accused of flouting lockdown rules; four states report no new cases for more than a week  
In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo says sporting teams can restart training after a two-month pause due to the coronavirus ban on large gatherings.
· Amazon's Seattle campus is home to a new homeless shelter for families  
Today, along with @MarysPlaceWA, we’ve opened the largest family homeless shelter in Washington state.