Haberlerde Lawsuit

Örnek kollokasyonlar

action lawsuit Dava
filed a lawsuit Bir dava açtı
lawsuit against Aleyhine dava
lawsuit filed Dava açıldı
lawsuit was filed Dava açıldı

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Independent
· Rapper Kodak Black ‘planning to sue’ US Marshal over leaked arrest photo  
A new report suggests that rapper Kodak Black is planning to file a lawsuit against the United States Marshals Service for allegedly leaking a photograph of his arrest inside the Miami Dade Police Department last year.
BBC Sport
· Lance Armstrong: Did we need another documentary?  
And finally, there's the 48-year-old Armstrong, whose pockets are significantly lighter after he was forced to pay millions of dollars in damages and settlements in a series of lawsuits.
Al Jazeera
· US citizen sues ex-Egypt prime minister over arrest and torture  
An American citizen and former Egyptian political prisoner, who was arrested during a brutal crackdown in Cairo in 2013, has filed a lawsuit against former Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi.
The Independent
· George Floyd: Alabama mayor orders removal of Confederate monument after protesters target it  
City risks lawsuit over removal of racist statue
The New York Times
· ​‘Tell Me Who My Mother Is’: A Korean Adoptee Seeks Her Roots  
Her paternity lawsuit could set a precedent for overseas adoptees.
The New York Times
· The Brilliant Astronomer Who Devised New Tactics to Fight Anti-Gay Bias  
plaintiffs willing to risk public exposure by filing lawsuits against the discrimination they faced.
The China Post
· Virus-tracking app angers thousands in Moscow with fines  
By the end of May, authorities got over 2,500 complaints contesting the fines, and more than 200 lawsuits were filed.
The Guardian
· Australian government and G4S settle lawsuit by staffer in Manus Island riots  
The Australian government and security company G4S have settled a lawsuit brought against them by a security officer who claimed he was left with severe psychological injuries after riots at the Manus Island detention facility in 2014 which left one person dead and 77 people injured.
The New York Times
· Birmingham Mayor Orders Removal of Confederate Monument in Public Park  
The monument had been covered with a tarp while the lawsuit between the state attorney general and the city played out.
The Japan Times
· U.S. protesters invoke names of abused and killed to decry police treatment of blacks  
While an internal police investigation found the officers followed department policies, protesters still have questions, as do relatives who have filed a lawsuit.