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gas leak Rò rỉ khí ga
oil leak Rò rỉ dầu

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The Japan Times
· New Zealand opposition leader quits two months from election  
The National Party has been embroiled for the past week in a scandal after it was revealed a junior lawmaker leaked private health details of New Zealand COVID-19 patients to news media.
Washington Post
· Trump’s two main foreign foes plan a major pact  
An outline of the accord’s details surfaced in an 18-page leaked document online, whose provenance is unclear though it roughly aligns with mooted plans previously announced by the Iranian government.
Yonhap News
· Complaint against late Seoul mayor possibly leaked, with no one claiming responsibility  
While circumstantial evidence indicates that he might have known about the complaint, it remains unknown who leaked the information as all the involved agencies have strongly denied the suspicion.
Sports Illustrated
· The Complete Titans Overall Player Ratings for EASports Madden NFL 21  
In addition to its top 10 leak Monday, Madden School provided AllTitans an advance look at the complete rankings for all Titans players included in the latest version of the iconic video game.
Financial Express
· Fire breaks out at Visakhapatnam plant, 1 injured  
The incident triggered panic among the residents in the Paravada area as it came just over a couple of months after the styrene vapour leak in the LG Polymers plant in the region.
The Guardian
· Todd Muller's resignation is a National nightmare – and a sign of a toxic political culture  
But it is difficult to think of a more challenging set of circumstances in which to take over leadership of any political party: a hugely popular prime minister; a global pandemic; a divided party that leaks disastrously and has trouble identifying its own people’s ethnicity; and a timeframe that is not so much tight as suffocating.
Washington Post
· North Dakota urges court to halt Dakota Access line shutdown  
“These definite consequences vastly outweigh the entirely speculative potential harm of a spill or leak while the (study) proceeds,” Sagsveen wrote.
Ars Technica
· As Trump pushes to have schools open, CDC’s cautious approach leaks  
The push places the administration at odds with public health experts and its own CDC, which advises a far more cautious approach, as revealed in an internal document that leaked over the weekend.