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legal action Yasal işlem
legal issues Yasal sorunlar
legal status Hukuki durum
legal system Yasal sistem
no legal Yasal değil

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The New York Times
· Congress Presses Military Leaders on Suspected Russian Bounties  
He criticized Mr. Trump’s idea of inviting Russia to rejoin the economic alliance known as the Group of 7, and noted that the administration already had legal authority to impose new sanctions.
The New York Times
· A Conservative Court and Trump’s Own Appointees Declare Their Independence  
In a pair of far-reaching rulings, Mr. Trump’s two appointees joined a unanimous conclusion that the president went too far by pronouncing himself exempt from legal scrutiny.
The New York Times
· Trump on Releasing His Tax Returns: From ‘Absolutely’ to ‘Political Prosecution’  
But he said there was no legal reason for Mr. Trump to hold back his tax returns.
The Age
· Teflon Trump lives to fight another day  
On the one hand, it was a legal defeat for Trump, who will now have to fight to keep his taxes and financial records hidden from a New York Grand Jury.
· California becomes first state to sue Trump administration over student visa policy  
This lawsuit will mark the 86th legal action California has taken against the White House, according to the California attorney general’s office.
The Wall Street Journal
· Supreme Loser: Pelosi’s House  
The Supreme Court on Thursday punted in two cases concerning subpoenas for President Trump’s financial records, sending them back to lower courts to resolve a host of legal questions.
· Corte Suprema cierra la puerta a conocer los impuestos de Trump antes de las elecciones  
El presidente ha usado durante mucho tiempo el sistema legal para retrasar los resultados desagradables para él.
· Changes to Istanbul's Hagia Sophia could trigger heritage review: UNESCO  
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) told Reuters that the Hagia Sophia was on its list of World Heritage sites as a museum, and as such had certain commitments and legal obligations.
Malay Mail
· ECM Libra Foundation pledges to feed 2,000 mouths for six to 12 months  
Law firm Chooi & Company + Cheang and Ariff will oversee its legal aspects while KPMG will audit the accounts.
The New York Times
· Judge in Michael Flynn Case Asks for Full Appeals Court Review  
The request by the trial judge, Emmet G. Sullivan, was the latest turn in an extraordinary legal battle over the case against Mr. Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to a charge of lying to the F.B.I.