Legal trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

legal action Hành động pháp lý
legal issues Vấn đề pháp lý
legal status Tình trạng pháp lý
legal system Hệ thống pháp lý
no legal Không hợp pháp

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ

The Guardian
· Palace letters: release of Queen's correspondence on Whitlam's 1975 dismissal – live  
After a four-year legal battle by the historian Jenny Hocking, the National Archives releases letters between the monarch and the governor general, Sir John Kerr.
The China Post
· Nile states end talks on Africa’s largest dam with no deal  
While the parties were “keen to find a solution,” technical and legal disagreements persist over its filling and operation, he said.
The New York Times
· The N.Y.P.D. Has Rejected Reform for Decades. It Can’t Anymore.  
The Legal Aid Society has sued, arguing that the detentions violated a state law requiring arraignment within a day.
The Wall Street Journal
· Trump’s Niece Wins Legal Battle Over Tell-All Book  
A New York judge dealt the Trump family a loss on Monday, vacating a temporary injunction against President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, and ending a weekslong legal battle to block the release of her tell-all book.
Malay Mail
· US rejects China's resource claims in South China Sea  
China has offered no coherent legal basis for its ambitions in the South China Sea and for years has been using intimidation against other South Asian coastal states, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.
Sports Illustrated
· Zion Williamson's Lawsuit Takes Another Bizarre Turn Involving an Agent With a Shady Past  
Williamson’s legal team wasted no time firing back, saying that the agreement included in the court filing was a forgery and alleging that Duric had tried a similar scheme two years ago with current NBA star Luka Doncic.
The China Post
· 4 charged in Los Angeles death of rising rapper Pop Smoke  
The 20-year-old New York rapper, whose legal name is Bashar Barakah Jackson, was killed Feb. 19 at a home in the Hollywood Hills.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Chinese law professor Xu Zhangrun detained for criticising Xi has been released, friends say  
Legal scholar Zhang Xuezhong was briefly detained by Shanghai police in May after publishing an open letter criticising Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus and calling for a democratic government.
The Guardian
· US judge rules Georgia’s six-week abortion ban violates constitution  
Jones refused to leave any parts of the law in effect, which would have also granted personhood to a fetus, giving it the same legal rights as people have after they’re born.
The New York Times
· 17 States Sue to Block Student Visa Rules  
A legal battle between universities and the Trump administration over foreign students and online learning escalated on Monday, ahead of a critical federal court hearing.