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legislative assembly
legislative body
legislative election
legislative elections
legislative session

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· Why so defensive? The Australian ego is fragile on the question of racism  
Keeping Aboriginal people from being criminalised young requires meat-and-potatoes legislative and regulatory action – much of it to be done at the state level, with little fanfare and few political dividends.
· Democrats move within striking range of taking the Senate, forecasts say  
The stakes are enormous for the legislative agenda of the next president — a re-elected Donald Trump or apparent Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who leads in national polls and most swing states — as well as the future of the courts.
The New York Times
· George Floyd Protests: Live News and Updates  
In recent years, reform efforts to curb police violence in were aimed at accountability for officers or legislative changes, but the current wave of protests has amplified calls across the country to defund, downsize or abolish police departments altogether.
Financial Express
· Furious Tejashwi Yadav's 'Rahul Gandhi' act may do more harm than good  
Tejashwi is currently the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly and the RJD has not hinted to change its position on Lalu’s son whom it has already declared the opposition’s CM face.
Financial Express
· State govt’s permission for migrant labourers’ employment? Here’s where that stands on legal grounds  
Thus, one would first have to look at the legislative basis for such a restriction and then analyse whether it is in the “interest of general public”.
Yonhap News
· N. Korea's official paper ratchets up criticism over anti-Pyongyang leaflets  
North Korea vowed to go ahead with those plans, despite South Korea's promise to take legislative measures to ban the sending of propaganda leaflets.
The New York Times
· Amazon Deforestation Soars as Pandemic Hobbles Enforcement  
The government is also championing legislative initiatives that would give land titles to squatters who have taken possession of tracts in the Amazon and other biomes.
The New York Times
· Young Protesters Say Voting Isn’t Enough. Will They Do It Anyway?  
I’m tired of having to do this,” said Aalayah Eastmond, 19, who survived the 2018 massacre at her high school in Parkland, Fla., became a gun control advocate, saw many legislative efforts stall — and is now organizing protests in Washington over police violence against fellow black Americans.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Taiwan should improve its laws to help asylum-seeking Hongkongers  
Without necessary legislative protection, the “humanitarian action plan,” while an improvement, will likely still leave Hong Kong asylum seekers facing uncertainties, and the mechanism of asylum will continue to lack transparency and predictability.
The Age
· State government pressed for answers on site of new injecting room  
But Victorian Liberals Leader Michael O’Brien, whose party is staunchly opposed to an injecting centre near the market, said his party would be trying to use the legislative process to get answers about the choice of location.