“Legitimate” in the news

Example collocations

legitimate government
legitimate heir
legitimate son
no legitimate
only legitimate

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Annexing the West Bank Is a Brazen Violation of International Law  
For a symbolic gesture that would not make the settlements any more legitimate in international law than before, but would raise the threat of violence, undermine Israel’s standing in the world, harm Israel’s tentative alliances with Arab states, and further reduce the already thin chance of a peace settlement, which remains the only way to end this terrible conflict.
The New York Times
· Trump Threatens White House Protesters With ‘Vicious Dogs’ and ‘Ominous Weapons’  
And in remarks at a late afternoon event at the White House, Mr. Trump conceded that some of the protesters had legitimate grievances.
· Black men in Minneapolis outraged over Floyd killing, distrustful of judicial system  
“Floyd's death is a reminder that the promises were not legitimate,” Richardson said.
· Transport Workers Union urges members not to drive arrested NYC protesters  
To the legitimate, peacful protestors, we say thank you.
The New York Times
· George Floyd Live Updates: Officials Brace for Fifth Night of Protest  
Mr. Barr, at a brief news conference, said outrage over the death of Mr. Floyd, 46, was “real and legitimate,” but said justice must be served through the courts, not through the rioting that has overtaken several of the nation’s largest cities.