Haberlerde Legitimate

Örnek kollokasyonlar

legitimate government Meşru hükümet
legitimate heir Meşru mirasçı
legitimate son Meşru oğul
no legitimate Meşru değil
only legitimate Sadece meşru

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Guardian
· Tory whips apologise for urging MPs to support Dominic Cummings  
“I’m being asked legitimate questions about how officers are supposed to respond if members of the public turn round this weekend and say if the rules don’t apply to Boris’s aide, they do not apply to them either.”
The Independent
· Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters opposed to Chinese intervention  
And it does not affect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong.”
The Wall Street Journal
· Why We Refuse to Spend Much Money on Apps  
If offered two versions of a new product—one priced at $45 and the other at $7—most rational shoppers would choose the cheaper one, as long as both items were legitimate and more or less the same.
· Trump reportedly wants to restrict visa programs for skilled workers  
But ending the programs entirely would create uncertainty for employers who are facing a legitimate gap in their workforce, as well as the Americans they employ.
The China Post
· Iranian ships approach Venezuela with no sign of US threat  
It’s among nearly 60 nations that back opposition leader Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate president, contending that Maduro illegitimately won a 2018 election that banned his most popular opponents.
Financial Express
· Across the Aisle by P Chidambaram: Spend, borrow, monetize  
The states have been left to beg the Centre for funds, including their legitimate and constitutional entitlements.
The New York Times
· A Hidden Origin Story of the CBD Craze  
That’s because the federal government’s insistence that cannabis has no legitimate use as a medicine created two enormous problems: the proliferation of fake CBD products and the nonsensical separation of CBD from THC.
The New York Times
· How Upbeat Vaccine News Fueled a Stock Surge, and an Uproar  
Submissions go through basic vetting to ensure the research is legitimate.
The Independent
· Lana Del Rey accuses critics of trying to start a 'race war' in 'final note' on controversial Instagram post  
In a piece for The Guardian, deputy music editor Laura Snapes wrote: “It’s especially depressing that Del Rey targeted women of colour, in doing so undermining a legitimate argument about contemporary culture’s restrictive insistence on female #empowerment to the exclusion of messier experiences.
The Guardian
· Hollow promises of equality are to blame if Women's Super League is cancelled  
There will be a clamour for Liverpool to avoid the drop and there is a legitimate argument for the expansion of the WSL.