“Less” in the news

Example collocations

less common
less likely
more or less
much less
no less

Publications and example sentences

· Biden visits protest site, tours damage in Delaware  
At least one car was seen leaving the scene of looting with its license plate covered, apparently so it could not be identified.
· Spurred by George Floyd's death, protesters resist having peaceful message hijacked  
Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said Sunday that about 20 percent of those arrested were from out of state, much less than an earlier claim by Minnesota Gov.
Malay Mail
· German ministry proposes €5b car bonus scheme, say sources  
The economy ministry’s proposal is for purchase premiums to be paid to buyers of electric vehicles and conventionally powered cars worth less than €77,350 each, with the scheme expiring at the end of the year, the sources said.
Malay Mail
· Journalists covering US protests find themselves under attack  
Media critics and commentators say such language can have the effect, at least among fringe elements, of encouraging violence against journalists.
The Guardian
· Schools expect half of pupils will stay home as year groups return  
Schools with high numbers of families eligible for free school meals expected 50% of pupils to stay away, compared with 42% in schools with the least disadvantaged children.
The Guardian
· Seven former foreign secretaries urge UK to take lead on Hong Kong  
Now and again, we have to have the quick manoeuvre where the Rolls‑Royce gets a bit scratched but the passengers get to their destination, because if the United States is going to give less leadership in global bodies but the need for that is strong, the UK has to be prepared to launch initiatives and perhaps be a little bit more French in our approach.
· YouTube pledges $1 million toward police reform  
The idea of using data science to improve police effectiveness isn't new (and has faced criticism in the past), but this non-profit seems to have the right philosophical approach, at least.