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The Independent
· The 15 best podcasts to listen to in lockdown  
Some episodes are pleasingly mundane, like the one where producers embed journalists in an American diner for 24 hours.
Financial Express
· Hydroxychloroquine, HCQ, for COVID19 treatment: Controversial Coronavirus studies retracted form The Lancet, NEJM journals  
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Seeking Alpha
· OncoCyte: Already A Commercial Stage Company With Enormous Revenue Potential  
Companies like Agilent Technologies, Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, AstraZeneca, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. Genentech Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck & Co., Inc., Pfizer Inc., and others are developing cancer drugs today in the field of immunotherapy.
The Economist
· #MeToo and film: After a two-year delay, “A Rainy Day in New York” is released online  
Like most of Woody Allen’s recent projects, the film has been mired in controversy
Seeking Alpha
· Boeing Stock: Curb Your Enthusiasm  
In the U.S. (and similar markets like Canada and Europe), there could be another leg up in the summer, driven by leisure travel, but that demand driver will fade when September rolls around.
The New York Times
· Yvonne Orji, the ‘Insecure’ Star, Returns Confidently to Stand-Up  
She went on to perform in clubs in New York and Los Angeles and to open for the likes of Chris Rock.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Singapore plans wearable virus contact-tracing device for all  
The pivot to wearables suggests Singapore, like Britain, has no immediate plans to adopt contact-tracing tech that Apple and Google rolled out last month, which has several restrictions designed to protect users’ privacy.