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Yonhap News
· (2nd LD) More students return to school amid new surge in coronavirus cases  
The scheme, introduced May 6, is designed to help people learn to live with the virus and resume normal life amid relaxed social distancing.
The Age
· Ex-Collingwood club doctor banned for giving opioids to patient he had sex with  
As well has having sex with her several times, Dr Bradshaw signed a lease agreement for a property with the woman and they lived together in 2016.
Seeking Alpha
· Warren Buffett June Update: 46 Equities Show 10 To Buy And Hold Now  
Heading into June, the following ten stocks still live up to the idea of having their annual dividends from a $1K investment exceed their single share price: WFC; STOR; KHC; USB; SYF; BK; SU; BAC; OXY; SIRI.
The New York Times
· Michigan Governor Says Husband’s Request Was ‘Failed Attempt at Humor’  
Yes, but make sure you keep six feet of distance between you and people who don’t live in your home.
The Age
· New Netflix special Douglas is another triumph for Hannah Gadsby  
Because the bands were ordinary fans, and the other fans were friends who helped make and immortalise those bands by trading live bootlegs and taking historic photographs.
The Age
· Mourning in America: a divided nation struggles to grieve 100,000 dead  
Victims have died alone in hospital as relatives have been forced to say goodbye over video, while mourners, banned from weeping at services, watch them over a live stream instead.
The Guardian
· 'I prefer being physically distant. What happens if I don't want to return to normal life?'  
It is too short to live one that doesn’t feel fun.
The Atlantic
· The Atlantic Daily: One Hundred Thousand  
“One hundred thousand people is nearly the population of the city I now live in; it is a neighborhood’s worth of people in Brooklyn, my longtime home; it is perhaps 10 times the total number of people most of us will cross paths with in our entire lives.”
The China Post
· Woman fired after backlash from racist park confrontation  
“Unfortunately we live in an era with things like Ahmaud Arbery, where black men are seen as targets.
Malay Mail
· Interest in ‘Suicide Squad’ edit grows after Snyder Cut greenlit  
Perhaps the two projects can find a way to live in harmony (and profitability).