“Lobby” in the news

Example collocations

hotel lobby
lobby group
main lobby

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· Jaguar Land Rover in rescue talks as sales plummet  
The industry is lobbying Boris Johnson's government to allow showrooms to reopen to jump-start sales.
The Age
· UK reviews Huawei decision in the wake of coronavirus pandemic  
Both Australia and the United States lobbied Britain against using the Chinese vendor because of spying fears.
· Inside the secret talks to overhaul the Republican Party platform  
And outside interest groups aggressively lobby to shape its contents.
Al Jazeera
· In Pictures: Thousands protest in Hong Kong against new law  
The security law has also worried financial markets and drawn a rebuke from foreign governments, human rights groups and some business lobbies.
The New York Times
· The Fall of Autumn: Live Performance Producers Are Giving Up on 2020  
At their scale, it is even more difficult to protect patrons when seats are tightly packed and there are choke points at entrances, lobbies, aisles, concession stands and restrooms.
· Meet the Press - May 24, 2020  
And so everything that's been happening with some of the things Moderna's been doing and others, you know, plays right into all of the assertions made by the anti-vaccine lobby to the point.
The Age
· 'Gatherings are not all the same': Conventions lobby for COVID-19 exemption  
The convention industry is lobbying the state and federal governments to be exempt from COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, arguing business events differ from crowds at events such as a concert, theatre or sporting event.
The Age
· Easing of lockdown rules wins support  
“If we can reduce the numbers who are mixing in those shared areas – the kitchens, the lobbies, the lifts that’s a good thing,” Professor Sutton said.
· Trump reportedly wants to restrict visa programs for skilled workers  
US universities, research institutions and the business community, which all rely on these programs, have consequently lobbied against Republicans’ proposal, but it’s not clear whether the White House will heed their concerns.
The New York Times
· For Some Italians, the Future of Work Looks Like the Past  
Despite vigorous lobbying by agricultural groups to create so-called Green Corridors to ease their arrival, about 150,000 seasonal workers from Romania, Poland, India and elsewhere are locked out of Italy.