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The Age
· 'Leading without inhibition': Inside the Berejiklian government's rush to reopen  
The business lobby wasn't backward about coming forward, either.
The Age
· Premier pulls the plug on stadium refurb but will keep Powerhouse move  
Skills and Tertiary Education Minister Geoff Lee, who holds the seat of Parramatta, had vigorously lobbied to keep the Powerhouse Museum move, which is now projected to cost up to $1.1 billion.
The Age
· Class actions form the latest crack in Andrews-Morrison ceasefire  
The insurance companies, banks, the corporate lobby and other top of town representatives all predict the sky will fall in if we allow contingency fees.
Al Jazeera
· 'Cynical': Critics slam Italy's amnesty for undocumented migrants  
Agriculture lobbies had warned the government that Italy would have to throw away huge amounts of fruit and vegetables because there was nobody to pick them, worsening the effects of a shutdown costing the food sector seven billion euros ($7.58bn).
Malay Mail
· Labuan cops warn those undergoing Covid-19 quarantine at hotels not to break rules  
“Some were found to have violated the quarantine rulings by going out from their rooms to smoke, buy cigarettes and meeting non-quarantine friends at the hotel lobby.
The Independent
· George Floyd: Atlanta protesters attack CNN building as mayor says 'go home'  
At CNN headquarters, protesters smashed the lobby windows and seemed prepared to go inside during a tense face-off that was broadcast live on the cable network.
The Guardian
· Music venues are where British culture is born. It's Britain's duty to keep them alive  
Space has been found for English National Ballet’s Tamara Rojo, Ambassador Theatre Group’s Mark Cornell and the Arts Council England chair, Sir Nicholas Serota, yet there is no seat at the table – sorry, Zoom link – for, say, music promoter Simon Moran, London night tsar Amy Lamé or anyone lobbying for grassroots venues facing long closures.
The Guardian
· England to limit students going to Wales, Scotland and N Ireland  
Placing a temporary cap on institutions in England and Wales has been sketched out by the Universities UK lobby group, and is to be based on forecast numbers plus an additional 5% growth.
Seeking Alpha
· Silver Miners' Q1 2020 Fundamentals  
I’m sure the mining-company lobbying played a role in that key decision.
Malay Mail
· Singapore otters’ lockdown antics spark backlash  
With the streets empty, the creatures have been spotted hanging out by a shopping centre, scampering through the lobby of a hospital and even feasting on pricey fish stolen from a pond.