“Long” in the news

Example collocations

long and wide
long before
long history
long term
long time

Publications and example sentences

· Wife of officer charged with murder of George Floyd says she's divorcing him  
The long history of protest action here meant that protesters urged each other to walk while fleeing to avoid a stampede, and many carried jugs of milk to pour into eyes burning from the gas.
Financial Express
· Govt's decision to revise MSME definition was long due; relief amid coronavirus to boost investments  
The need for an upward revision of these thresholds was long due since many entities apprehended taking in more investment due to fear of missing out on MSME benefits and consequently blocked their path to growth and increasing their revenues.
The China Post
· Before Floyd death, activists saw progress on police reforms  
Minneapolis — a city of nearly 430,000 that is 60% white, 19% black and 9% Hispanic — has a long history of economic and educational disparities that have marginalized black residents for decades, despite its reputation for progressive values.
Financial Express
· COVID-19: Air India pilot tests positive for Coronavirus, Vande Bharat Mission flight returns mid-way  
Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that fighting Coronavirus pandemic is a ‘long battle’.
The Guardian
· Police violence in America: six years after Ferguson, George Floyd's killing shows little has changed  
“The number of people who are taking responsibility for their own actions has yet to reach critical mass by a long shot.
The Guardian
· How to grow berries  
From raspberries to gooseberries, blackcurrants or tayberries, we can enjoy soft fruit all summer long
The Guardian
· Small wonders: choose pot plants for a perfect summer display  
I’m fairly addicted to the Pot Company’s Long Tom Terracini range: simple, attractive and sturdy.
The Guardian
· Rose Byrne: ‘You understand why feminists are furious – we’re still talking about this?’  
Before now, it has been rare for the couple to be in one city for long, unbroken periods of time.
The Guardian
· 'Things fall apart': the apocalyptic appeal of WB Yeats's The Second Coming  
Yeats was justified in taking the long view.
The Guardian
· Children’s books roundup – the best new picture books and novels  
Kat had moved a long way from her roots on the estate, and global superstardom was just around the corner – but can Nik and Norva figure out who had reason to contrive an “accident”?