Haberlerde Lunch

Örnek kollokasyonlar

breakfast and lunch Kahvaltı ve öğle yemeği
free lunch Ücretsiz öğle yemeği
free lunch due Ücretsiz öğle yemeği
lunch break Öğlen arası
lunch due Öğlen yemeği

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The Guardian
· Stuck at home with teens? Here are a few distraction tactics…  
They’re lovely company, though the nine-meals-a-day regime is a drain on wallet and kitchen and I reflexively flinch now when I hear the words “What’s for lunch?” What makes me sad is that we are such a poor, inadequate substitute for what young people want and need: each other, the opportunity to do stupid stuff far from the parental gaze, and other adults.
Malay Mail
· Japanese bathhouses awash with post-lockdown customers  
For many Japanese an onsen trip is a day-long experience, with bathing punctuated by naps, massages and lunch.
Malay Mail
· Timid reopening for France’s Loire Valley chateaus  
At Chenonceau, one attraction has remained a constant throughout the confinement: a bucolic picnic area along the castle’s canal, where a couple dozen visitors were enjoying lunch yesterday.
The New York Times
· John Loengard, Life Photographer and Chronicler, Dies at 85  
“As we were having lunch, she pulled out from the sideboard boxes of the rattles that she’d collected,” he recalled in “Life Photographers: What They Saw” (1998), a collection of 43 interviews he conducted (and one that someone else conducted of him).
· How to change up your masturbation routine for hotter, better self-love  
That's one case where this new era of working from home can be beneficial: Consider replacing your usual afternoon yoga lunch break with, well, something you'll want to do on your personal rather than work laptop.
Seeking Alpha
· Retirement Strategy: Introducing The New 'Pandemic Retirement Income Portfolio' For Investors With Longer Time Horizons  
There are no perfect strategies, and there is no free lunch, but with time on your side investors can weather just about any storm that we have ever seen in the stock market.
The Japan Times
· Onsen awash with customers in wake of coronavirus emergency  
For many, an onsen trip is a daylong experience, with bathing punctuated by naps, massages and lunch.
The Age
· Watching my grandmother find romance again in her 80s  
Every day there was another outing: Bob took her to the esplanade for lunch, or to a winery, or to visit an alpaca farm.
The New York Times
· The Central Park Video and #LivingWhileBlack in New York City  
“I used to work across from Central Park and I used to jog in Central Park on my lunch breaks,” Mr. Brown, 33, said, “and even then, just growing up here, I would make sure I wouldn’t jog alone near any white women.”
The New York Times
· ‘Wow, Everything’s Gone:’ The Covid Class of 2020  
Their new life started to become clear not long after, when Charlie checked in with another friend about plans to meet for lunch.