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Örnek kollokasyonlar

drum machine Davul makinesi
machine gun Makineli tüfek
machine guns Makinalı tüfekler
machine learning Makine öğrenme
time machine Zaman makinesi

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Seeking Alpha
· APPEN - AI Driven High Quality Growth Stock Trading At A Fair Price  
APX’s business model leverages a crowd workforce to provide training data that is used for the improvement of AI and machine learning algorithms.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Israeli stadium trials misting spray tunnel to disinfect players and reduce risk of spreading coronavirus  
A water pump machine senses when someone enters and spray nozzles automatically open for 15 seconds, bathing players and their belongings in a sanitising mist.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Johnson's 'mission accomplished' mode on Covid-19 shows how rattled he is  
More often the problem is the state machine.  Copy example sentence
The Verge
· YouTube fights back against bias lawsuit from LGBTQ creators  
“We’re alleging that the computer code in the machines is discriminatory,” Obstler tells The Verge.  Copy example sentence
· Where to Buy Face Masks Online That Are Stylish  
Christian Siriano turned his business into a mask-making machine for hospitals.  Copy example sentence
· Endlesss, the iOS music making app from Tim Exile, takes to Kickstarter for desktop version  
A vision years in the making (see this video interview with Exile conducted by TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher in 2016), the resulting Endlesss app combines software recreations of drum machines, samplers, synths and FX, with a “tap to loop” workflow that should be familiar to anyone who has used a looper pedal or loop-based sequencer.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· It's hard not to see the end days of an empire, but America's friends must hope it finds a better path  
In 1967 a national guardsman deployed to help Detroit police maintain law and order feared a sniper was active locally and fired a heavy-calibre machine gun through an apartment window, killing a four-year-old girl and seriously injuring her aunt.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· 'We were packed like sardines': evidence grows of mass-event dangers early in pandemic  
They let three of us in, and we had the last 20 minutes with him, then they turned off the machine.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· 7.4 million in UK living an almost cashless life, data shows  
The cash machine network Link reported a 55% drop in ATM volumes during the lockdown, and many experts say it is not clear whether consumers will continue with their new spending habits once the restrictions are fully lifted.  Copy example sentence