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Hong Kong Free Press
· Is this the end of Hong Kong Inc? What losing US ‘special status’ may mean for the finance hub  
As a result, many countries, including the United States, brought in laws that allowed them to treat Hong Kong as a separate trade entity to the authoritarian and economically restrictive mainland.
Financial Express
· Monsoon arrived in Kerala? Skymet says yes! IMD differs  
“#JUSTIN Southwest #Monsoon2020 finally arrived on the mainland of India, #Monsoon arrived on Kerala before the actual onset date.
The Guardian
· Beijing has fatally undermined the image of a self-governing and stable Hong Kong  
He has pointed out that he was already facing 14 similar charges in mainland China, and had the extradition law that triggered last year’s protests in Hong Kong been adopted he could have been sent for trial in China under a system that not even the Chinese Communist party’s (CCP) most generous supporters could describe as adequate.
The Japan Times
· Japanese whisky is breaking records at global auction houses  
Perhaps unsurprisingly, buyers from mainland China lead the way in terms of lot value, according to Lam, although Thailand is a notable presence in that regard too, while Hong Kong and Taiwan stand out in terms of quantity.
The Independent
· I'm alive because of immigration from Hong Kong – but the UK needs to do much more than issue passports  
A great deal of money and investment flows into and out of mainland China via Hong Kong.
The Independent
· Greece to open up in two weeks – but not to UK tourists  
Greece restarted regular ferry services from the mainland to its islands on Monday and cafes and restaurants were also back open for business as the country accelerated efforts to salvage its tourism season.
· Hong Kong leaders say Trump 'completely wrong' for curbing ties  
Mainland security and intelligence agents may be stationed in the city for the first time - moves critics say put the city's extensive freedoms at risk.
The New York Times
· In Hong Kong, Anxiety and Defiance Over Trump’s Move to Cut Ties  
HONG KONG — Hong Kong officials reacted with a mix of anxiety, resignation and defiance to President Trump’s announcement that the United States would end its special relationship with the city, reflecting the semiautonomous territory’s deep political divide over its relationship with mainland China.
Malay Mail
· China's 'nervous' Xi risks new Cold War, last Hong Kong governor says  
Chris Patten said Xi's “thuggish” crackdown in Hong Kong could trigger an outflow of capital and people from the city which funnels the bulk of foreign direct investment into mainland China.
The China Post
· Trump strikes China over virus, Hong Kong and student visas  
Trump said the administration would begin eliminating the “full range” of agreements that had given Hong Kong a relationship with the U.S. that mainland China lacked, including exemptions from controls on certain exports.