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mainstream critics Основные критики
mainstream media Основные сми
mainstream success Основной успех
more mainstream Больше мейнстрима
reviews from mainstream Отзывы от мейнстрима

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The Guardian
· Britain had a chance to talk about race 20 years ago. Let's get it right this time  
The Black Lives Matter movement has cut through to the mainstream and dovetailed with the racial and ethnic disproportionalities reflected in Covid-19 mortality rates, and the wider inequalities these lay bare.
The Guardian
· The Chicks: Gaslighter; Margo Price: That's How Rumors Get Started – review  
Like their 2006 work, which was produced by rap/rock maverick Rick Rubin, Gaslighter looks to a mainstream name: pop producer Jack Antonoff, inherited from their friend Taylor Swift.
The Age
· Remote-learning move not enough to quell teachers' virus fears  
Students with special needs who attend a mainstream school will also be permitted to attend school.
The Age
· 'Significant concern': Specialist schools fear return to face-to-face learning  
Cameron Peverett, president of the Principals' Association of Specialist Schools, said the schools should operate under the same rules as mainstream sites, which will offer remote learning for most students until at least August 19 , to help flatten the second surge of the virus.
· Seattle protester hit by car the latest casualty of a dangerous far-right trend in America  
Nor are they particularly hard to find, surfacing on social media and even in mainstream outlets.
· Dark matter SHOCK: Scientist announces new Moon core theory – 'Newton's out-of-date'  
Despite admitting many mainstream scientists would disagree with his theory, Mr Lowey believes the latest black hole research suggests Newton and Albert Einstein's requires revision.
The Atlantic
· Presidents Leave. Czars Stick Around.  
And yet the fear that Trump may not leave office, no matter what happens in November, has become mainstream.
Liverpool Echo
· Eamonn and Ruth Holmes' hidden relationship as they take over presenting This Morning  
She moved to London in the 90s and bagged a range of presenting roles on satellite TV networks while trying get her big break and make the transition to mainstream TV.
The Guardian
· 'You think that's racist?': the generational tension in Melbourne's high-rise migrant families  
Nor and Ahmed have become brokers of sorts between parts of the African community and the mainstream, trying to explain one to the other.
· Martin Lewis explains 'good way' to clear overdrafts - but there's a deadline to note  
“Overdraft charges are still higher than other mainstream borrowing products like credit cards and personal loans.