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mainstream critics Ana akım eleştirmenleri
mainstream media Ana akım medya
mainstream success Genel başarı
more mainstream Daha yaygın
reviews from mainstream Ana akımdan yorumlar

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Seeking Alpha
· Ruhnn Holding Limited (RUHN) CEO Lei Sun on Q4 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Being the bridge between mainstream e-commerce and social media platform, Ruhnn is well positioned by these trends.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Athene: The Dislocation In The Financial Industry Has Exposed A Secret Gem For Investors To Find  
Some of the biggest peddlers of these exaggerations are mainstream financial news institutions.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Teaching Ideas and Resources to Help Students Make Sense of the George Floyd Protests  
Might they tell a piece of the story that mainstream media has missed?  Copy example sentence
· How to be an effective ally online, at protests, and moving forward  
For instance, many Twitter users have voiced frustration that mainstream media outlets are not covering as much information about police-instigated aggression at protests.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· ‘Shirley’ Review: A Writer as Scary as Her Stories  
Jackson, the subject of an excellent recent biography by Ruth Franklin, is much too interesting to succumb to the dull, sentimental moralizing of mainstream moviemaking.  Copy example sentence
· Gay icons Larry Kramer, Terrence McNally and Mart Crowley redefined American theater  
All three redefined American theater and ushered in the first wave of mainstream queer theatrical expression.  Copy example sentence
· #BlackoutTuesday derailed #BlackLivesMatter. A community organizer explains how to do better.  
And since everyone equates activism with grandiose actions, and the media pushes that too (I am not going to let mainstream media off the hook in this — when is the last time you did a feature on someone writing a letter or taking notes from a book?  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Stream These 15 Great Titles Before They Leave Netflix This Month  
Cate Blanchett broke through to the mainstream — and nabbed her first Oscar nomination — for this rousing portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.  Copy example sentence
· China, Russia and Iran using state media to attack U.S. over George Floyd killing  
“Russian state-controlled outlets largely focused on the facts of the protests, in line with a longstanding practice of covering protests in the West; some individual pieces of editorial content also attacked Kremlin critics and the mainstream media.”  Copy example sentence
· ‘It happens here too’: As George Floyd outrage spreads, France confronts its own demons  
“As for the mainstream, they don’t care.”  Copy example sentence