“Maintain” in the news

Example collocations

able to maintain
continued to maintain
maintain order
not maintain
order to maintain

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· Housing plan including cash grants on the radar to kickstart construction  
Mr Morrison, who said migration of between 160,000 and 210,000 was generally needed for Australia to maintain its GDP-per-capita growth, expects total migrant numbers in 2020-21 to slump to 34,000.
The New York Times
· Classic Car Auctions Upended by Coronavirus  
In fact, early this month, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles announced it would produce a “Virtual Car Week” in August to “maintain the global enthusiasm for Monterey Car Week in spite of Concours and event cancellations.”
Seeking Alpha
· The Market Will Stay Irrational So Don't Miss Out  
“Fundamentals” are indeed worse than ever, but don’t underestimate the power of the Fed to maintain this rally for the next few years.
The China Post
· Macao gaming tycoon Stanley Ho has died at 98  
He had a four-decade monopoly on casinos in Macao and maintained his dominance after its industry opened to foreign companies in 2002.
Financial Express
· Visakhapatnam gas leak: Andhra Pradesh HC orders seizure of chemical plant; directors not to leave country  
The committee, if any appointed, wants to inspect the premises they are at liberty to do so, however they shall put a note on the register maintained at the gate of the company regarding the inspection and while returning another about the act done on the premises should be noted, the court said.
The Age
· The $60 billion question: why did JobKeeper cost so much less than expected?  
In its joint statement with the Tax Office on May 22, Treasury simply states that the new revision reflects, in part, “the level and impact of health restrictions not having been as severe as expected and their imposition not having been maintained for as long as expected at the time”.
The Guardian
· Lockdown in a remote five-star castle resort for two hotel workers  
Jamieson, 23, from Surrey in England, and Smith, 28, from Perthshire in Scotland, usually live in the nearby village of Cross and commute to the castle for work but have spent the past nine weeks living there while maintaining the buildings and 350-acre estate until tourists return.
The Age
· University childcare services axed and outsourced to private operators  
Mr Ward said any new external provider would need to maintain at least the same quality of education and care that is currently provided to the children at Early Years.
· Oil prices rise on supply cut hopes, easing of COVID-19 lockdowns  
OPEC+ countries are set to meet again in early June to discuss maintaining their supply cuts to shore up prices, which are still down around 45per cent since the start of the year.