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The New York Times
· What Is a Museum? A Dispute Erupts Over a New Definition  
Juliette Raoul-Duval, the chair of the Council’s French branch, called the definition an “ideological” manifesto, the article added.
The New York Times
· In Poland, the Rainbow Flag Is Wrapped Up in a Broader Culture War  
They published a manifesto called “Stop the Nonsense,” declaring that it was time to fight discrimination.
The Guardian
· If it's all about the economy, why are the Tories still polling better than Labour?  
Another explanation, linked to the first, is that many of the voters who backed Boris Johnson last December think the prime minister is doing his best – through liberal use of economic stimulus, a bigger budget for the NHS and higher infrastructure spending – to deliver on his manifesto promise to “level up” the country.
· House building POLL: Do you agree with plan to rapidly expand England's market towns? VOTE  
“This will very likely lead to an almighty fight between the PM and his home county backbenchers (hence why the plan wasn't in the election manifesto and is being launched in August).
The Independent
· James Murdoch's next job should be uniting the world's media in taking action over the climate crisis  
In the UK, the Murdoch-backed Johnson-led Tories had by far the weakest general election manifesto provisions on climate of all the major parties.
Malay Mail
· Singapore Reform Party names Charles Yeo acting chairman in leadership reshuffle  
The party added that it is producing new manifestos on individual policy areas to complement the green manifesto it published during the GE and that manifestos for women and education policies are at the focus-group discussion stage.
The Guardian
· Casemiro: 'Even today I get a little nervous talking to Zidane'  
“I like to think,” he says, gently delivering his midfielder’s manifesto.
The Diplomat
· Modi Lays Foundation of Hindu Temple at Razed Mosque Site  
The symbolism was impossible to miss since Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party had long pledged in its manifesto to strip Kashmir’s autonomy and to build a temple to Ram where the Mughal-era mosque once stood.
The Diplomat
· Singapore’s 2020 Election: Explaining the PAP’s Stagnation  
This contrasts with pre-election positioning by Lee, who stated that 4G leaders would “very much be in the thick of things… taking the lead in the sense of setting the agenda, working out the policies, preparing the manifesto, making the pitch to the public, and actively campaigning during the election and organizing the election.” Given the level of responsibility accorded to 4G ministers, the lack of public accountability for the poor electoral showing will add to voter concerns that meritocracy is often applied selectively.
The Independent
· Tory insiders being handed top Whitehall jobs despite promise of ‘independent’ appointees  
Last month, the Department for Work and Pensions appointed Eleanor Shawcross, a former adviser to George Osborne, and Rachel Wolf, the co-author of last year's Tory election manifesto, to its departmental board.