Haberlerde Many

Örnek kollokasyonlar

many different Çok farklı
many other Diğer birçok
many others Diğerleri
many years Uzun yıllar
so many Çok fazla

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The New York Times
· How the Climate Movement Can Be Anti-Racist  
We read every message, and reply to many!
The China Post
· What you need to know today about the virus outbreak  
Dr. Ted Long, head of the city’s program, said tracers getting through to that many “shows that the system we’re setting up is working.”
The Independent
· ‘Do you see me?’: Senator Cory Booker delivers powerful speech against racism  
Mr Booker said: “It’s why so many Black Americans scream out: ‘Do you see me?
· In Their Words: Protesting for George Floyd  
Such events have already taken place in Oakland — with another scheduled for Wednesday evening — as well as others set for New York City, Culver City, Calif,; Seattle, Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, and Lakeland, Florida, among many others.
The New York Times
· 13-Year-Old Will Plead Guilty in Stabbing Death of Barnard Student, Tessa Majors  
For many it recalled the high-crime era of the early 1990s and echoed the case of a jogger in Central Park who was raped and nearly killed in 1989.
The Guardian
· Oldest and largest Maya structure discovered in southern Mexico  
“It is probable that many people from surrounding areas gathered for special occasions, possibly tied to calendrical cycles,” Inomata said.
The New York Times
· The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Second-Wave Feminism  
There were so many responses from women-run initiatives that there was a follow-up book, “The New Woman’s Survival Sourcebook.” It set the authors themselves on track to reach a broader audience; they helped create and edit a feminist magazine, “Chrysalis,” at the famed Woman’s Building nonprofit arts and education center in Los Angeles, which was co-founded by Ms. Chicago.
The Independent
· The thoughtful gifts to send couples who've had to cancel their wedding  
Many couples have had to had to face huge decisions like postponing their big day to 2021, or had the decision made for them as venues have remained closed during lockdown.
The China Post
· No crowds delight art lovers in Italy at re-opened museums  
Now, at most 450 people at one time are allowed in the Uffizi’s many galleries, chock full of some of the art world’s greatest masterpieces.