Haberlerde Marine

Örnek kollokasyonlar

marine gastropod Deniz gastropodu
marine gastropod mollusc Deniz gastropod yumuşakça
marine gastropod mollusk Deniz gastropod yumuşakça
marine species Deniz türleri
marine species occurs Deniz türleri oluşur

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The Independent
· Paul Whelan: Russian prosecutors demand 18 years in jail for US marine accused of spying  
A former US Marine accused of spying on Russia may face up to 18 years in a maximum security prison if prosecutors get their way.
· Russia asks for 18-year sentence for former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan  
Russian prosecutors on Monday asked for the maximum 18-year jail term for former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan, who is on trial for espionage charges that he denies, Reuters reports.
Al Jazeera
· Russia seeks 18-year prison term for ex-US Marine in spy trial  
Prosecutors in Russia's spy trial have asked a court to sentence former US Marine Paul Whelan to 18 years in prison for allegedly accepting state secrets, according to his lawyer.
The New York Times
· New Yorkers Embark on a Summer of Uncertainty  
Idris Bey, a former Marine and an emergency worker who responded to the World Trade Center on Sept. 11.
The New York Times
· By Air and Sea, Mercenaries Landed in Libya. But the Plan Went South.  
CAIRO — Two former British marines piloted their boats, a pair of military-grade inflatables, across the Mediterranean from Malta.
The Guardian
· 'Transcendentally boring': the joy of job simulation games  
In an entertainment sector where ludicrous power fantasies rule, where players get to be space marines, ancient warrior princesses and football superstars, it seems antithetical that 25 million people have bought Farming Simulator, a game in which your main challenge is to harvest a successful wheat crop.
The New York Times
· For African-Americans in Uniform, It’s Duty, Honor, Country. But Don’t Expect to Lead.  
Of the 41 most senior commanders in the military — those with four-star rank in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard — only two are black: Gen. Michael X. Garrett, who leads the Army’s Forces Command, and Gen. Charles Q.
The New York Times
· A 96-Year-Old Veteran Was Near Death. Then He Met His Social Worker.  
One Marine sent Mr. Crouch a “World War II Veteran” hat.
The Japan Times
· Hong Kong debate tests emerging get-tough consensus among Trump’s China advisers  
A former journalist and Marine, he was one of the first in the administration to accuse China of not coming clean about the novel coronavirus outbreak.