“Mass” in the news

Example collocations

body mass
mass destruction
mass media
mass production
mass spectrometry

Publications and example sentences

The Japan Times
· Canada’s Justin Trudeau takes a knee with protesters for racial justice  
Video of Floyd’s May 25 death has gone viral and sparked sometimes violent protests across the United States and mass demonstrations in European capitals and elsewhere.
The Age
· On the streets of New York City, pandemic and protest collide  
Hundreds of NYPD officers massed on the Lower East Side in preparation for another long night ahead.
· 18 states report spike in cases  
“The question that's been posed to me is do mass protests have the risk of spreading covid-19?
Malay Mail
· Anger at new police abuse videos as US protests eye weekend  
NEW YORK, June 6 — Outrage soared in America yesterday over new images of police brutality caught on camera as demonstrators geared up for a second weekend of mass protests over the killing of an unarmed black man.
The New York Times
· Urging Iran to ‘Make the Big Deal,’ Trump Ties Nuclear Negotiations to Election  
Even if Iran massed that amount of fuel, it would take months or years to produce a weapon.
The Atlantic
· Bad Apples in Buffalo  
But police leadership in Buffalo took the protests as a sign that they needed a specialized team to deal with “mass demonstrations.”
The Guardian
· Talking Horses: Arizona to turn tables on Pinatubo and grab Guineas cash  
Doubtless Pinatubo can still show masses of ability but the likelihood is that some of his rivals will have matured into stronger forces in the eight months since we last saw him.