Haberlerde Massacre

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massacre occurred Katliam meydana geldi
massacre took Katliam aldı
massacre took place Katliam gerçekleşti

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· Washington NFL team name change shows this was always about more than just a name  
These scalps, or “redskins,” weren’t always taken from the bodies of Native men after a massacre or battle.
· National monument in The Hague to commemorate victims of Srebrenica genocide  
The Yugoslavia tribunal was held in the Hague and the International Court of Justice, also in The Hague, defined the massacre as an act of genocide in 2007.
The Japan Times
· Leading Hong Kong activists charged for Tiananmen vigil gathering  
“The real incitement is the massacre conducted by the Chinese Communist Party 31 years ago.”
The New York Times
· Did Mueller Ever Stand a Chance Against Trump and Roger Stone?  
And nothing that I saw then — even during the so-called Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon ordered his attorney general to fire the special prosecutor — rises to what we are witnessing now with President Trump.
The New York Times
· White Supremacist Who Admitted Christchurch Killings Will Represent Himself  
The massacre, the deadliest shooting in New Zealand’s history, led the government to ban most semiautomatic weapons and spurred an effort to restrict racist and violent content on the internet.
The Guardian
· Pilgrims by Matthew Kneale review – witty, thoughtful medieval tales  
Kneale opens the novel with an incident that takes place in 1264, when two Jewish sisters, Motte and Rosa, narrowly avoid the massacre in London’s Jewry that kills their family.
The Age
· UQ rejects student activist Drew Pavlou's appeal, upholds suspension until 2021  
Mr Pavlou has also been vocal around issues of Tibetan independence and the Tiananmen Square massacre.
The Guardian
· ‘Guardians of the bush’: brutal vigilantes police Burkina Faso  
But one of the walls of Diabré’s party headquarters is taken up by a banner demanding justice for the Yirgou massacre.
· New Zealand mosque shooter to represent himself at sentencing  
Australian national Brenton Tarrant will be sentenced on August 24 on 51 murder convictions, 40 of attempted murder and one of terrorism arising from last year's massacre, the worst mass shooting in New Zealand's modern history.