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Al Jazeera
· US defence chief opposes use of military to quell unrest  
Trump on Wednesday defended his decision to deploy troops to the capital, saying the massive show of force is a model for states to follow as they attempt to quell the nationwide unrest.
The New York Times
· Charles Lippincott, Who Hyped ‘Star Wars,’ Is Dead at 80  
“In our wildest dreams, we could not have predicted how massive a hit we had on our hands.”
· Watch live: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus and George Floyd protests  
However, health officials warn that the outcome of days of protests in massive groups of people could show an increase in case numbers.
Seeking Alpha
· Foot Locker: Pent-Up Demand Will Change The Paradigm Here  
Trading a wide range of strategies gives us massive diversification which is key.
· Chinese coronavirus test maker agreed to build a Xinjiang gene bank  
Why it matters: U.S. officials are worried that widespread coronavirus testing may provide an opportunity for state-connected companies to compile massive DNA databases for research as well as genetics-based surveillance.
· Man United have massive top-four opportunity, says Berbatov  
Manchester United have a massive opportunity to finish in the top four when the Premier League resumes this month after a three-month stoppage, according to their former striker Dimitar Berbatov.
· Kalima DeSuze’s Black Feminist Reading List Is the Resource We Need Right Now  
“Grace Lee Boggs was a massive organizer in Detroit, Michigan—Boggs and her husband did amazing work.
The Independent
· Western Libya launches ground offensive to dislodge warlord Haftar from Tripoli airport  
At stake is not only influence over Libya, but access to massive deposits of natural gas beneath the eastern Mediterranean that are being contested by Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Israel.
· Growing calls to “defund the police,” explained  
The basic idea, though, is less that policing budgets should be literally zeroed-out than that there should be a massive restructuring of public spending priorities.
The Diplomat
· Kyrgyz Authorities Make Corruption Accusation Against Journalist  
Kyrgyz authorities allege, with the hearsay of a single witness, that journalists involved in a massive investigation of corruption took payment to report.