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Пример словосочетания

mayoral campaign Мэрская кампания
mayoral candidate Кандидат в мэры
mayoral election Выборы мэра
mayoral elections Выборы мэра
mayoral race Мэрская гонка

Публикации и примеры предложений
The Age
· 'A marathon, not a sprint': Kickstarting 4BC breakfast radio after Alan Jones  
Big names Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan (now with the ABC), evening presenter Walter Williams, weekend breakfast announcer Murray Shoring and then radio newcomer turned lord mayoral candidate Patrick Condren, were all replaced by interstate syndications.  Copy example sentence
· George Floyd's death and civil unrest thrust Minneapolis mayor into spotlight  
Police reform and racial inequality were two of the linchpins of then-city councilman Frey's mayoral campaign in 2017.  Copy example sentence
· Week in Review: Brazil becomes a Covid-19 epicentre and Hollywood mulls its red carpet options  
The second round of local and mayoral elections will be held on June 28, three and a half months after the first.  Copy example sentence
· Utrecht mayor Jan van Zanen moves to The Hague as mayor  
Utrecht mayor Jan van Zanen is set to move to The Hague and take up the mayoral role there, which has been vacant since last year.  Copy example sentence