“Meal” in the news

Example collocations

evening meal
last meal

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Prince William is counsellor for mental health crisis service  
More than 120 volunteers in the mid-Wales market town of Machynlleth and surrounding villages go shopping for neighbours, run a telephone helpline, and cook and deliver meals for vulnerable people.
The New York Times
· Take Care of Yourself and Others  
Or just increase the chickpeas and greens per serving: That makes the meal lighter, but no less delicious.
The Guardian
· New Zealand readers tell us how they want the country to change after Covid-19  
Overall, the majority of respondents were keen on exploring a four-day week – floated by the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern – saying it would allow for more work-life balance, and the continuation of habits picked up during lockdown, including home-cooked meals, walking, cycling and more time spent with the family.
The Guardian
· Less but better: how to make meat the side, not the star  
We often think of meat as the sun that all other components of the meal must orbit around, but cooked the right way, you’ll need far less of it than you realise
The New York Times
· Louisville Barbecue Owner Killed in Police Shooting Fed a Food Desert  
“Say a meal cost $10, and someone said, ‘Hey I lost my job.
· The tragic lie behind the beautiful dream of Terrace House  
The residents — there are always six of them, three women and three men, all initially strangers — go about their lives, sharing meals, going shopping together, hanging out, interacting, and often falling for one another as the weeks progress.
· Hosting a cookout? Score this air fryer on sale for 67% off at Best Buy.  
It even comes with its own recipe book, in case you need some inspo for your next meal.
The New York Times
· A New Museum Director’s First Challenge: Which Exhibits to Give Back  
There, the group was led to the traditional house of a tribal chief, feasted on a meal of pork and root vegetables, then visited a cultural center housed in a forest.
· The Stunning Intricacies of an Uzbek Wedding Captured by One Photographer  
While she was gone, the guests ate a traditional meal of morning plov, a national Uzbek dish of rice and meat.
The Guardian
· Outcry over decision to end free school meals voucher scheme in July  
Campaigners have threatened to take the government to court over its decision not to extend its free school meals voucher system for low-income families over the summer holiday period.