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Örnek kollokasyonlar

early medieval Erken ortaçağ
early medieval period Erken ortaçağ dönemi
late medieval Geç ortaçağ
medieval period Ortaçağ dönemi
medieval times Orta çağ zamanları

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The New York Times
· A Tale of Twinned Cities  
“Gated entryway” or “forbidding medieval latticework fortification” might have served, but the author insists on repeat usage of a fancy architectural term that even this reader, older than the target audience and familiar with several other fancy architectural terms, had to look up.
· What Will Your Post-COVID Work Commute Look Like?  
Cholera, for example, led to Paris’s wide boulevards and plethora of parks, and disease outbreaks led to the fall of Barcelona’s medieval walls.
The Guardian
· Trekking the Sabine Hills: in praise of Italy, summer and freedom  
There’s a special intimacy to slipping out of medieval walls while it’s still night.
The Age
· Played in 1888 on a pig farm, tales of first Aussie rules game in England emerge  
The game between Australian ex-pats from London and Edinburgh was played on a medieval field in south London normally used for recreation and pig rearing.
The Guardian
· Azed slip No 2,500  
(One competitor asked if I’d noticed that ZA represented 2,500 in medieval Latin, with the implication that that might have formed the basis for a theme.
The Age
· 'We all got lucky together': Animal Kingdom still bites, 10 years on  
Last year co-wrote, with Edgerton, and directed the Shakespeare-inspired $US50 million medieval drama The King for Netflix.
The Guardian
· Man dies at Lullingstone Castle after reports of rocks being thrown  
Detectives are investigating the death of a man found dead in the grounds of a medieval castle in Kent after reports of rocks being thrown.
The Guardian
· C.G. Jung’s The Tree of Life: from Norse gods to eastern mysticism  
This could be a page from a medieval illuminated manuscript, but the symbolism is hard to place.
The Guardian
· From Street Fighter to Sonic the Hedgehog: 10 of the best retro games  
These speedy, demanding, sprawling gothic action games have you whipping vampiric hordes into shape through forests, castles and clock towers in medieval Europe.
The Guardian
· Pilgrims by Matthew Kneale review – a slyly comic medieval journey  
Lucy’s sin first, pray later attitude is enabled by a pet priest to whom she can confess privately rather than having to do it out loud in church, and her gossipy tour of the intricacies of medieval marriage law is fascinating.