“Meet” in the news

Example collocations

did not meet
meet the needs
meet up
not meet
order to meet

Publications and example sentences

· MLB players disappointed with pay cuts in return plan  
The latest league proposal, which reportedly includes $200 million in playoff bonus money, features plans for an 82-game half-season starting in early July after three weeks of training and finishing in late September, although to meet the schedule a deal would need to be completed in early June.
The Independent
· Every episode of Friends, ranked from worst to best  
Chandler desperately wants a woman to return his calls, then finds her needy when she finally comes to meet him in person.
The Guardian
· My favourite film aged 12: Ghost  
You see them doing exciting teenage stuff like going to the pub and watching inappropriate films and you think: “I want a piece of that.” Since any attempt to join them in the pub was rightly met with an invitation to “sod off”, watching inappropriate films it was.
The Guardian
· 'Defining moment' as EU executive pushes for €500bn in grants  
The commission claims its proposals could unleash €3.1tn of investment into the EU economy and is pledging to intensify spending on the European Green Deal, the pre-crisis plan to meet the demands of the climate emergency.
The New York Times
· Hydrogen as Fuel? An Italian Pasta Factory Shows How It Could Work  
While natural gas emits less carbon dioxide when it is burned than other fossil fuels, like coal and oil, many experts still say that its use in countries like Britain, Italy and the Netherlands may need to be sharply reduced if governments are to meet their increasingly ambitious climate targets.
The Age
· Five must-watch dance films from the early 2000s  
Step UpChanning Tatum's breakthrough role, and where he met his future ex-wife Jenna Dewan.
The Age
· The JobMaker policy: It is time to develop workplace reform  
Jenna, I would love to meet for a coffee and talk some more, but I am sure that he who should be ignored would quietly follow me.
The Age
· CBD Melbourne: Liddell, a smoking gun and cigargate  
AAP’s board, which is led by News Corp corporate affairs director Campbell Reid, will meet this week to discuss the bids.
Seeking Alpha
· Is American Airlines Worth Saving?  
While I stated in my SA article why I believe Delta Air Lines (DAL) is executing the industry's best recovery plan, the reality is that not all airlines will be able to meet each of those four criteria for survival and success, even in the medium term.
Financial Express
· T20 World Cup 2020: ICC denies postponement report, says preparation underway for tournament in Australia  
The ICC board is to meet on Thursday to discuss several issues related to the pandemic and its members will also address the fate of the World Cup, which is due to be played at stadiums around Australia from Oct. 18 to Nov. 15.