“Militant” in the news

Example collocations

militant group
militant groups
militant organization
more militant

Publications and example sentences

· Israel police kill Palestinian they mistakenly thought was armed  
There has been an uptick in violence in east Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank in recent days, although it has yet to reach the levels of 2015-2016 when Israeli security forces struggled to stop a wave of so-called lone wolf attacks unconnected to any established militant group.
The Age
· Move over James Bond; India returns alleged bird spy to Pakistan  
He rejected allegations that the numbers inscribed on a ring on the pigeon's leg were codes meant for militant groups operating in the disputed region of Kashmir.
Yonhap News
· Today in Korean history  
2004 -- Kim Sun-il, who worked for Cana General Trading Corp., a South Korean supplier for the U.S. military in Iraq, is presumed to have been kidnapped by Muslim militants in the Middle East country.
Japan Today
· Ethiopian security forces accused of 39 extrajudicial killings  
Abiy has brought in reforms that included removing a ban on political parties, releasing political prisoners and welcoming home exiled militant groups such as the Oromo Liberation Front.
The New York Times
· Army Withdraws Nomination for Officer Involved in Deadly Niger Ambush  
The decision to withdraw Colonel Moses’s promotion in many ways signals an end to the yearslong investigation into why a small unit of American troops found themselves stranded in the scrub of remote Niger, under siege from Islamist militants.
The China Post
· Lebanon extends mandate of UN force along Israel border  
The government’s decision comes amid the backdrop of a war of words between Israeli and Lebanese officials, including Lebanon’s powerful militant Hezbollah group, over the mandate of UNIFIL.
The New York Times
· South Korean Ends Yearlong Tower Protest After Samsung Apologizes  
Samsung’s tight control of labor activism was often cited as a key reason the company was able to grow so rapidly while other conglomerates, like Hyundai, were often crippled by militant labor activism at their work sites.
Malay Mail
· 14 Afghan security force members killed in attack claimed by Taliban  
A three-day truce offered by the militants officially ended late on Tuesday, with the overall lull in the country’s grinding violence largely holding, officials and experts have said.
Malay Mail
· Islamic State calls Covid-19 God's punishment for foes, tape says  
The person on the tape, which was posted on one of the militants' websites but could not be verified by Reuters, identified himself as IS spokesman Abu Hamzah al-Quraishi.
The Diplomat
· Kashmir’s Displaced Struggle to Survive Amid COVID-19  
“Instead of trying to arrest them [militants], the focus of Indian soldiers is to kill them at any cost, as there is a monetary incentive for soldiers for killing militants,” he alleged.