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Example collocations

military forces
military governor
military officer
military personnel
military service

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· SpartanNash Company (SPTN) CEO Dennis Eidson on Q1 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Looking at the Military segment, sales decreased 3.2% for the first 10 weeks of the quarter compared to the prior year.
· Gunmen kill dozens in northwest Nigeria attacks  
Authorities have previously launched repeated military operations and local peace talks to try to end the violence.
The China Post
· Taliban in Kabul to discuss prisoner releases under US deal  
The prisoner release is part of a deal signed by the United States and the Taliban in late February, designed to bring peace to Afghanistan and allow American soldiers to return home, ending America’s longest military engagement.
The Independent
· US to expel Chinese students with ties to communist military, reports say  
According to the reporting, the Chinese government plays an active role in selecting which students from which communist military schools can study in which of the Five Eyes countries of the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
· The NSA has a warning: Russia's most infamous hackers are still active  
Hackers in Russia's GRU, its military intelligence agency, regularly target email accounts, as is common for many with robust cyber capabilities.
The Independent
· Given the vacuum of moral responsibility across the Middle East, who can trivialise the trial of Benjamin Netanyahu?  
Nor is it the obvious fact that any sane observer of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ask why the Israelis themselves must endure this possibly two-year trial when far more ghastly offences should have been levelled against previous Israeli leaders and military commanders over their behaviour in past decades.
The New York Times
· 1985: When ‘Rambo’ Tightened His Grip on the American Psyche  
So here comes Murdock, a scheming military bureaucrat and Rambo’s new nemesis (Charles Napier) who dares question Stallone’s fitness for more.
The New York Times
· Defying Trump, Twitter Doubles Down on Labeling Tweets  
Early Thursday, it added fact-checking labels to messages from Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry who had claimed that the coronavirus outbreak may have begun in the United States and been brought to China by the U.S. military.
· Germany calls in Russian envoy, seeks sanctions over hacking  
The ministry said in a statement it had spoken to Sergey Nechayev after evidence suggested a Russian military spy had targeted leading German politicians including Chancellor Angela Merkel.