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military forces Askeri güçler
military governor Askeri vali
military officer Askeri subay
military personnel Askeri personel
military service Askeri servis

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The Independent
· Cole Sprouse arrested: Riverdale star detained after ‘peaceful’ Black Lives Matter protest  
Demonstrations continued to take place in the US on Monday (1 June) night, with President Donald Trump threatening to deploy the US military against protesters as the police fired tear gas outside the White House.
The Guardian
· First Thing: police gassed protesters so Trump could get a photo op  
And in threatening to deploy the military, writes David Smith, Trump has raised the spectre of fascism:
· NYPD officer hit by car in the Bronx  
Curfews in cities across America and President Donald Trump's threat to send in the military did not quell protests or end the violence as demonstrators clashed with police again more than a week after the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
The Guardian
· 'Words of a dictator': Trump's threat to deploy military raises spectre of fascism  
On Monday evening, Donald Trump, with four US flags behind him, threatened to send in the military against the American people, then crossed the road to pose for a photo outside a historic church while clutching an upside-down Bible.
The Japan Times
· How one man’s efforts saved Japan’s postwar democracy and the SDF  
In other words, had the military intervened, Kishi’s handling that year of the ratification process in the Diet — seen as highly undemocratic — would have been legitimized by extra-parliamentary means, his image as a “reactionary” further solidified, and the appearance of, if not actual, political use of the SDF been undertaken, much like authoritarian nations in Asia at the time.
The Japan Times
· China’s border invasion will push India toward the U.S.  
Defense sales and other military ties have increased, with Trump announcing a $3 billion weapons deal after his visit in February.
The Japan Times
· Russian derangement syndrome  
It has stifled civil liberties at home, expanded Russia’s military and security forces, and waged war in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Syria.
Seeking Alpha
· Futures turnaround, extend Monday's gains  
U.S. stock index futures are ahead by 0.5%, erasing an earlier loss following President Trump's promise to deploy the military if states and cities fail to quell the violence swelling across the nation.
· Iran says plane carrying scientist jailed in US has taken off  
But Trump refrained from taking any military action in response.