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ballistic missile
cruise missile
guided missile
missile defense
missile system

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· Netanyahu warns foes after Israeli retaliatory strikes in Syria  
Last month, five Iran-backed fighters were killed in an Israeli missile strike south of Damascus, according to Britain-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The Japan Times
· Japan starts discussions on ways to stop missiles in other countries  
The government Tuesday started full-fledged discussions on ways to counter ballistic missiles after receiving a proposal from a group of ruling party lawmakers urging it to consider acquiring the capability to defeat such projectiles even in the territory of an opponent.
· World War 3: US strike on North Korea to trigger ‘worst mass killing in history’  
This is because if Trump forced a missile strike, then the North would likely retaliate in suicidal fashion, resulting in the deaths of millions within the North and nearby countries, according to Mr Dowden.
Washington Post
· Family tells AP: Iran abducted California man while in Dubai  
However, over the last year, a series of escalating incidents have shaken the wider Mideast, leading to a U.S. drone strike in January that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad and an Iranian ballistic missile attack that injured dozens of American soldiers in Iraq.
The Guardian
· First Thing: the Manhattan DA is going after Trump's tax returns  
North Korea has ‘probably developed’ miniature nuclear devices to fit in the warheads of its ballistic missiles, several other countries believe, according to a confidential UN report.
Financial Express
· Rare Earth Elements: India’s critical strategic deficiencies and China's dominance - Problems and Solutions  
REPMs are also critical for almost all green energy applications and manufacture of critical defence equipment like missiles, rockets, guidance systems, and aircraft.
The Age
· Confidential UN report points to Kim's miniaturised nuclear devices  
In 2017 North Korea launched an intermediate-range missile, which flew over Japan.Credit:AP
· North Korea has ‘probably’ created nuclear devices for ballistic missiles –SHOCK UN report  
The international body has been sanctioning North Korea since 2006 over its nuclear and ballistic missile activities.
Yonhap News
· Yonhap News Summary  
SEOUL -- South Korea is closely monitoring North Korea's nuclear and missile activities, the defense ministry said Tuesday, following a media report that Pyongyang appears to have developed miniaturized nuclear devices.