“Mistake” in the news

Example collocations

big mistake
made a mistake
made the mistake
no mistake

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Black Americans Have a Message for Democrats: Not Being Trump Is Not Enough  
But Mr. Biden also must minimize mistakes, said Mayor Stephen Benjamin of Columbia, alluding to the recent controversy in which Mr. Biden apologized after saying “you ain’t black” to black people uncertain whether to support him or Mr. Trump.
The Guardian
· The government has harnessed the power of infotainment  
A lesser leader might excuse Cummings by saying he made a mistake but not a very serious one.
The Independent
· As we head into a new battle with anti-vaxxers, we should learn lessons from the past  
By standing up for good information together, fact-checkers and the public can help us avoid the deadly mistakes of previous crises.
The Guardian
· Emily Maitlis's 'sin' was being compared with real, deliberate assaults on truth  
A lightening fast official BBC reprimand was issued; but not calling out any particular mistake.
The Guardian
· Tunisia's sea turtles are beating the odds as they inch towards survival  
Further cause for concern is discarded plastic; sea turtles often mistake floating plastic bags for jellyfish, a staple of the their diet.
The Guardian
· Secret sacrifice: the agents who risked all behind Nazi lines  
But poor luck, mistakes by one of his lieutenants and the presence in the network of a traitor who was feeding information to the SS led to the Germans capturing Suttill, as well as more than 150 agents and Resistance fighters.
The Age
· Fierce Impact owners favour Cox Plate tilt over stud  
However, the Sydney-based trainer said he made a mistake running Fierce Impact in the All-Star Mile third up.
The Guardian
· What the arrest of a black CNN journalist on air taught us  
The mistake was always to think that it can’t happen here, because it can, it has and – unless we remain aware and vocal – it most certainly will again
The China Post
· Police cars burn, windows shatter as protests roil New York  
“The mistakes that are happening are not mistakes.
The New York Times
· How to Sing a Digital Duet  
“Many amateurs when recording themselves make the mistake of focusing on their technique and the technical hurdles.