“Mistaken” in the news

Example collocations

case of mistaken
mistaken belief
mistaken identity
often mistaken
sometimes mistaken

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Publications and example sentences

· High cholesterol: The best drink to include in your diet to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol  
Oxidised cholesterol may be mistaken as bacteria by the body's immune system.
· Unsolved Mysteries: Who is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes? Where is he now?  
The Telegraph reported after a two-hour search, police declared the reports to be a case of mistaken identity.
· Iran report details series of errors behind decision to fire on Ukraine passenger jet  
At the time, Iranian troops were bracing for a U.S. counterstrike and appear to have mistaken the plane for a missile.
· Commentary: Asia’s garment factories have reinvented themselves to save thousands of jobs  
We tend to think of the key workers helping us as only being in our own country, but this is clearly mistaken.
· Coronavirus warning - the complete list of 11 COVID-19 symptoms you shouldn’t ignore  
Some of the symptoms may be easily mistaken for something less serious.
Washington Post
· City mulls razing site where 1st Alaska flag flew  
“For them to blame us for where we are now, they are sorely mistaken,” she said.
Sports Illustrated
· Cowbell Corner Q&A Part 2: MSU D-line coach Jeff Phelps discusses Mike Leach and his Starkville-area roots  
Cowbell Corner: If I’m not mistaken, you had Golden Triangle ties before coming to Mississippi State.
The China Post
· Iran blames bad communication, alignment for jet shootdown  
At the time Iranian troops were bracing for a U.S. counterstrike and appear to have mistaken the plane for a missile.
The Guardian
· 'You think that's racist?': the generational tension in Melbourne's high-rise migrant families  
Nor’s experience was nothing like as fraught, but in public housing in the small town of Vaxjo in central Sweden, he had grown up with refugees from all over the world, had heard his father’s stories of being arrested by Libyan police, beaten into a coma and jailed for months, over a case of mistaken identity.