“Modern” in the news

Example collocations

modern day
modern era
modern times
more modern
most modern

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· SurveyMonkey: An Essential Business In The Current Economic Environment  
Since there has been no such time in modern history, most organizations are clueless about the most important aspects of the changing economy.
Seeking Alpha
· Express, Inc. (EXPR) CEO Tim Baxter on Q1 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
This reinforces our commitment to offering customers versatility and value, as they continue to take a more modern and even more casual approach with their wardrobes and our focus on women's tops paid-off with strength in both casual and video conference ready fashion tops.
· How Rwanda genocide suspect spent 25 years on the run  
At dawn on May 16, French police entered a modern five-storey apartment block in the eastern Paris suburb of Asnieres-sur-Seine.
The Guardian
· Hong Kong visas: why is the UK standing up to China now?  
Civis Romanus sum was not to be translated into a modern British obligation.
Financial Express
· Cabinet nod for ordinance to allow farmers to engage with processors, aggregators  
According to the minister, it will transfer the risk of market unpredictability from the farmer to the sponsor and also enable the farmer to access modern technology and better inputs.
The Atlantic
· The NFL’s Amnesia Is Just Like America’s  
And now, in the modern day, researchers have repeatedly shown how black people are punished harder for the same crimes that whites commit and targeted more frequently by law enforcement.
The New York Times
· Tests for Coronavirus Vaccine Need This Ingredient: Horseshoe Crabs  
Modern medicine still depends on this animal’s blood to test for bacteria in vaccines.
The Guardian
· Delroy Lindo: 'British racism is as violent and virulent as America's'  
Lindo plays Paul, one of four African American Vietnam veterans returning, in the modern day, to the country where they fought.
· Astroscale expands into geostationary satellite life extension with new acquisition  
On-orbit satellite servicing could mean that these investments, which can range into the billions, can operate long beyond their intended lifespan, and could even eventually be updated with new hardware, sensors or other capabilities as more modern equipment than they launched with becomes available.
The Guardian
· Milan's Asmir Begovic: 'When I first came back, nobody was in the streets'  
When we put together philosophies and the way we want to coach the kids, it is very much related to the modern game because I am still playing at the highest level.